10 ways Saina Nehwal can beat Sindhu tonight. Awadhe Warriors vs Chennai Smashers

1. Serve Strategy: Use short serves

Use of short serves might force Sindhu to make some unforced errors.This was one of the reasons why Tai Tzu Ying was able to beat Sindhu in the finals of Hong Kong Super series, she only used short serves.

2. Smash Strategy: Smash towards the backhand

Saina has to target Sindhu’s backhand to get the better of her as her smashes are very good and can trouble Saina and tilt the momentum in favor of Sindhu. But Sindhu is weak when she gets shots on her backhand, so Saina should use this to her advantage

3. Don’t give away easy points and avoid Bodyline Smashes

Sindhu is very  strong with the bodyline shots and can defend well if targeted  at the body line and give away as little points as possible through errors.

4. Beat Sindhu  in the mind game

Psychological advantage will be with Sindhu as Saina is still recovering from the injury, but Saina is relatively fresh as she has played fewer matches and she has the surprise element in her game due to the injury and recovery which might come in handy.The only time they had met in Leagues like this was in the finals of IBL in 2014 where Saina comprehensively beat Sindhu, but if you think about it both of them has come a long way since then.

5. Dribble often at the net

Saina’s netplay has improved recently as she has to rely on technique more due to her injury, this could actually be a blessing in disguise against Sindhu and Saina can get some easy points if she does brilliant netplay and in this shorter format;  every point counts.

6. Take match to three sets

Longer the match goes advantage goes to Saina as her experience comes in handy even in this shorter format of the game

7. Keep rallies long/Short rallies with more smashes and net play

If it comes to long rallies, Saina definitely has the advantage and can get some points by forcing Sindhu to make errors. If the rallies are short she should use her net play and deception against Sindhu’s power smashes

8. Garner Crowd support

The crowd at Delhi has always supported Saina, even at the commonwealth Games where she won the medal. SO she should gather strength and momentum to gain a positive edge over Sindhu.

9. Believe in herself                                                                                                                       

She is thinking too much about her injury and it is affecting her game, she should just play her usual game and enjoy the game.

10. Bring on the Warrior spirit

She has always been a fighter; She can bring on the warrior spirit on court and take Awadhe warriors to the glory

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