Hyderabad Hunters to rule Men’s Singles

All the teams have selected strong players for the Men’s Singles especially Bengaluru Topguns and Hyderabad Hunters with K. Srikanth and Lee Chong Wei respectively. But we cannot rule out Tommy Sugiarto, HS Prannoy as well.

So we have come up with an analysis of the Men’s Singles players and how they are likely to fare throughout the PBL and which can be the best matches and who will be a good bet.


Men's Singles Probability

How were the probabilities calculated?

If Player 1 vs Player 2 have played sufficient number international matches, then we use set winning probabilities to predict match probabilities.

If Player 1 vs Player 2 do not have much prior data, then we have used the current points (BWF) to arrive at the win probabilities.

Green suggests higher probability of winning and Red suggests probability of loosing.

The diagonal line is not to be considered as it gives the same player in both axes which is not to be considered.


Awadhe Warriors

Sourabh Verma

Aged 23 and being one of the prominent disciples of Gopichand ,Sourabh Verma can get some exposure but he is considered one of the weakest players in Men’s  singles as his chances of beating other players are very slim which is evident from the graph. He only has the probability of beating Siril Verma and Vladimir Ivanov whom he may never play against.

Sai praneeth

The top buy of Awadhe Warriors, although he is not likely to beat the top players like Srikanth and Kashyap and Lee Chong Wei, he can get some wins for the team and also has the ability and temperament to cause an upset.

Tanongsak Saensomboosuk

He is the best Men’s Singles player in the Awadhe lineup and is likely to play most of the matches.

What remains to see is whether he will be a good investment as he is most likely to lose to the prominent players.Let us see whether Saina can inspire the rest of the team to create some huge upsets and in the process give the viewers some scintillating match ups.


Bengaluru Topguns


Anand Pawar

Ranked 52,probably the second player who will be playing the singles match ups other than Srikanth.

Sameer verma

He  is not likely to win against the top-notch players of other teams but can win against the likes of Siril and Vladimir Ivanov. Relatively  Bengaluru in terms of Men’s singles are more or less reliant on Srikanth and his performance.


Srikanth Kidambi

Star player of Bengaluru and the most expensive in terms of our previous analysis, Srikanth has wins written all over in our graph except for Lee Chong Wei,Tommy Sugiarto and P Kashyap. P Kashyap had said “I would definitely love to play against Srikanth and win” which shows the effect his form has on other players.

Srikanth Vs. Lee Chong Wei is the clash of the titans in PBL.

Chennai Smashers

Brice Leverdez

French international and the trumpcard of Chennai in Men’s Singles.All Chennai hopes rest on the shoulders of Brice and Sony Dwi.

Sony Dwi Kuncoro

Winner of the Indonesian International is all set to fire smashes in the PBL. He will be the Men’s singles ace for Chennai Smashers.

Simon Santoso

I would like to name him “Surprise Santoso” as per our analysis as he has good chances of beating Lee Chong Wei and also can cause the downfall of some major players on a good day.

Delhi Acers

Ajay Jayaram

Indian Singles specialist and brings with him a will to win.He will most likely win against the lower ranked players and has the potential to give the players like Srikanth a run for their money.

Rajiv Ouseph

Bench strength of Delhi as they will most probably be playing Ajay and Tommy. He can also be used in other formats.

Tommy Sugiarto

Top ranked Singles specialist, he will be the acer for delhi in singles matchups along with Ajay Jayaram.

His matches against Srikanth and Lee Chong Wei will be nail biters for sure.

He will most likely beat all others hands down.


Mumbai Rockets

H S Prannoy

The only STAR of the Mumbai Rockets team in Men’s Singles. He is calculated at winning most matches and failures against prominent players like Srikanth, Sugiarto, Kashyap etc.

Vladimir Ivanov

Predominantly a Doubles player, surprised the fans last year by beating P Kashyap and thereby getting a win for his team. He will be used as a giant killer in some situations and the team owners have another player to rely upon when the wind goes against them. But due to his weak singles performances, apart from some major victories, we do not give him much chances of winning against other players.

R M V Gurusai Dutt

Most probably the preferred second option after Prannoy.

We will have to wait and see whether he can deliver; as per our data, in most of the cases he is less likely to do so.

Hyderabad Hunters

Lee Chong Wei

The superstar of Hyderabad team, capable of defeating almost all his opponents surprisingly has a bad record against Simon Santosa. He has not beaten Santosa. All the singles players will be trying very hard to beat him as he is the man to beat in this edition of PBL

Paruppally Kashyap

Great buy from Hyderabad, able companion for Lee Chong Wei and coming back from injury he will definitely be a good bet.

A.S.S Siril Verma

He has the potential to be the surprise package of the PBL but will most probably be benched and will be played only in situations where injury becomes an issue for the team.

Polar chart depicts the chances of teams to win most matches in Men's Singles. Red line going outwards indicates better chances for the team.

Polar chart depicts the chances of teams to win most matches in Men’s Singles. Red line going outwards indicates better chances for the team.

The distance of point, say Awadhe Warriors (4.5) from the mid point is the estimated points from all 10 Mens Singles matches will result in. Hyderabad clearly the strongest, followed by Delhi.

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