7 Ways to beat Saina Nehwal: Chennai Smashers against Awadhe Warriors in PBL 2017

1. Serve strategies: Use a mix of short and long serves

This is what Sindhu does best, giving a lot of variety in her serves and also does not allow the opponent to capitalize on one particular serve, keeping the opponent guessing.

2. Smash Strategy: Smash towards forehand front court

This is the weakest point of Saina after a long rally, she just cannot reach the front court in time to execute this shot. Sindhu can target this and win the match.

3. Mind Game: Beat Saina in the mind game

Sindhu can always try to capitalize on Saina’s mental block towards facing her, they have never met in PBL in two seasons. They say mind games are won and lost before the match even begins.

Saina has always let the Juniors play against Sindhu to get a psychological advantage when it comes to an important matchup like the Semifinals or Finals, but last time both their teams met other teams in the Semifinals and crashed out so this was not to happen. But this time the stage is set.

4. Capitalise on Saina’s injury: she can’t jump smash, more cross courts

As Saina is still recovering from her injury, it has changed her game a little, now she tries to get more cross courts and net play to get points and does much less number of Smashes which can be an advantage to Sindhu, she can really tire Saina out and win the match with her outstanding Smashes.

5. Momentum is with Sindhu

Coming from back to back wins although lost to Marin, She won a set against Marin.  Saina could not accomplish this when she faced Marin; she lost in direct sets.

6. Garner Crowd support      

After her Olympic glory, she could gather crowd support anywhere she goes in India, she will get the support but now the people will have a dilemma on who to support.

7. Sindhu has one thing which Saina does not have





She has captain’s support!! “Mere pass captain hai!!”

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