Recommended AWD Warriors HYD Hunters
Men’s Singles Sai Praneeth Lee Chong Wei
Men’s Doubles Cai Yun/ Bodin Issara K.Nandagopal,R. Satwik Sai Raj
Women’s Singles Saina N Supanida Katethong
Mixed Doubles Hendra G, Maneesha K Markis Kido,Jwala Gutta
Men’s Singles Tanongsak Saensomboonsuk Parupalli Kashyap

Expect a very close match between AWD and HYD


AW1-9 are 9 possible team combinations and HH1-5 are 5 possible teams of HYD Hunters. The color represents the ratio of points of Awadhe to Hyderabad. Green represents better chances for Awadhe


Strategy Map shows expected ratio of points scored by 9 strategies of  Awadhe Warriors against 5 strategies of Hyderabad Hunters.

Color = Awadhe Warriors Points / Hyderabad Hunters Points. Green suggests better chances for Awadhe Warriors.

Checkerboard pattern here represents ‘Stacking Strategy’ especially from Hyderabad.

Chart Analysis

Point Ratios look slightly favorable slightly for HYD.

  1. Strategy 1 : AW9 / HH5  (AWD 3 – HYD 4) (Possible Strategy)


Men’s SinglesStacking will possibly decide the margin by which Hyderabad might win. If Lee Chong Wei plays Tanonsak, and we assume he wins (although he is yet to any point for Hyd) then Hyd can win 5-2. The alternative will be as shown above.

Men’s Doubles : Should be a lesson in attitude and good game play for the young Nandagopal and 15 year old Satwik Raj. Looking out for some crazy smashes from the young fellow.

Women’s Singles : Saina all the way. If she doesnt play, Awadh will at best pick up 2 points.

Mixed Doubles : Kido and Gutta hold the edge, but should be tight.

How we calculated  the probabilities? 

We created a list of all likely team combinations for both teams. Win probabilities for any two players were calculated from their historical data and current form. Expected team scores were estimated for each combination of team strategies. Best strategies are listed based on simple game theory rules.

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