AWD vs MUM: RESULTS 1-2. Mumbai misses plot.

Pre-match Predictions


Saina Nehwal, injured. This is a big let down for all of us. So Awadhe Warriors instead play G Vrushali – upcoming star from Gopichand Academy.

Mumbai play it nicely. They give Ruthvika Gadde and she walks away with a low hanging fruit.

Trump Mishaps

Both teams have almost blindly selected their trump matches. Mumbai should have selected the Mens Doubles pair of VI/BOE, instead Awadhe chooses this match. Mumbai chose Prannoy as trump in a tie which was a bit too close for comfort. Awadhe’s best choice would have been Sai Praneet, if we just look at numbers.

We never guessed Awadhe will go with this strategy – but if we had our predictions would have been


If the teams had followed our recommendation, AWD-MUM would have ended up at 1-4. So, good for Awadhe.

Mumbai Rockets have missed out on an opportunity to win all their ties. They did however lost two really close matches.

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