AWD vs MUM: Predicted 3-4

Recommended AWD Warriors MUM Rockets
Men’s Singles Sai Praneeth H. S. Prannoy
Men’s Doubles Cai Yun/ Hendra G V Ivanov / Mathias B
Women’s Singles Saina N Han Li
Mixed Doubles B Isara / Christina P Mathias B / Kamilla J
Men’s Singles Tanongsak S Sak RMV Gurusaidutt


If Mathias Boe plays twice Mumbai Rockets can win this tie


Strategy Map shows expected ratio of points scored by 18 likely strategies of Mumbai Rockets against 6 likely strategies of Awadhe Warriors.

Strategy Map shows expected ratio of points scored by all strategies of Mumbai Rockets against all strategies of Awadhe Warriors.

Color = Mumbai Rockets Points / Awadhe Warriors Points.Green suggests better chances for Mumbai.

The checkerboard pattern highlights the effect of ‘Stacking Strategy’.


Probability of AW players being able to win again MR players in Men’s Singles. Both AW players likely to lose against Prannoy, and win against Gurusaidutt.

Chart Analysis

All Point Ratios look slightly unfavorable, but right on the edge for Mumbai. With most strategies Mumbai will lose closely to Awadhe. The best strategies for Mumbai are MR13 and MR14, which works better against all of Awadhe’s teams.

In such a scenario, Awadhe is likely to use either Strategy AW1 or AW2. Playing Mathias Boe in both Men’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles will give Mumbai the advantage, if Mathias is able to play in a seamless manner in both matches.

Strategy Scenario 1 :MR13 / AW2  (Mumbai 4 – Awadhe 3)(Recommended Strategy for Mumbai)

pre-match prediction

MF Predictions for the match

Men’s Singles :Prannoy HS plays first Men’s Singles against the Thai Tanongsak Saensomboonsuk.  This will be a tight match with Prannoy holding a slight advantage.

Men’s Doubles :Vladimir Ivanov,Mathias Boe against Cai Yun,Hendra Gunawan. The numbers are heavily in favor of Mumbai,  but the fleet footed Chinese Cai Yun can always throw a surprise.This will be a our suggested TRUMP game for Mumbai.

Women’s Singles : The most anticipated match – only because everyone loves watching Saina on court. Should be a boring, one sided match. Obvious TRUMP for Awadhe.  All other matches are way too close.

Mixed Doubles :Mathias Boe, Kamilla Juhl against Bodin Issara, Christinna Pedersen. Tight match, but difficult to predict.

Repeat Men’s Singles :Gurusaidutt against SaiPraneet. In their previous international head to head, SaiPraneet got better of Gurusaidutt in a 3-setter.

Strategy Scenario 2 :MR1/ AW1(Mumbai 3– Awadhe 4)

(only differences from above strategy shown)

Men’s Singles :Prannoy HS plays first Men’s Singles against SaiPraneet.  This will be a tight  match.

Mixed Doubles :Chayut Triyachart,KamillaJuhl against Bodin Issara,Christinna Pedersen. Again a tight match – will really depend on the how teams play together.

Repeat Men’s Singles :Gurusaidutt against Tanongsak Saensomboonsuk. Tanongsak Saensomboonsuk holds the edge.

Post-Match Analysis

How we calculated  the probabilities? 

We created a list of all likely team combinations for both teams. Win probabilities for any two players were calculated from their historical data and current form. Expected team scores were estimated for each combination of team strategies. Best strategies are listed based on simple game theory rules.



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    Very energetic article, I liked that a lot. Will there be a part 2?

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      Post Event there will be

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    Shocker : Saina and Han Li not playing
    Update 1: GuruSaiDutt beats odds beats Sai Praneet
    New Predicted Score:2-3 OR 6-0!!

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