Bengaluru Topguns-team analysis

Men’s Singles

Anand Pawar

Ranked 52,probably the second player who will be playing the singles matchups other than Srikanth.

Sameer verma

He  is not likely to win against the top-notch players of other teams but can win against the likes of Siril,  and Vladimir Ivanov.  Relatively  Bengaluru in terms of Men’s singles are more or less reliant on Srikanth and his performance.

Srikanth Kidambi

Star player of Bengaluru and the most expensive in terms of our previous analysis, Srikanth has wins written all over in our graph except for Lee Chong Wei,Tommy Sugiarto and P Kashyap where it will get tight. P Kashyap had said “I would definitely love to play against Srikanth and win” which shows the effect his form has on other players.

Srikanth Vs. Lee Chong Wei is the clash of the titans in PBL.

Women’s Singles

Suo Di

Young Chinese player aged 18 and the best bet for Bengaluru. Most likely to lose to Saina and others but there might be a few surprises from this young dynamic player.

Mixed Doubles

They  have a strong mixed doubles team of Joachim Fischer Nielsen, who is currently ranked number 4 in mixed doubles  & and Indian doubles  specialist Ashwini Ponnappa, but these two have never played together. Even though Ashwini has the experience and has played mixed doubles with Tarun Kona and Vladimir Ivanov, playing with Joachim Fischer might prove to be a real challenge and if the duo pulls it off, it will be a team to watch out for. Other possible combinations include Ashwini and Buss Sumeeth Reddy/Robert Blair.

Men’s Doubles

They have the seasoned duo Khim Wah Lihm and Hoon tien How who play doubles together for international matches.

They may edge out a few other teams.


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