Recommended AWD Warriors BLR TopGuns
Men’s Singles Sai Praneeth Sameer Verma
Men’s Doubles Cai Yun/ Hendra G Hoon Thien How,Khim Wah Lim
Women’s Singles Saina N/Vrushali G Suo Di
Mixed Doubles B Isara / Christina P Joachim Fischer Nielse,Ashwini Ponnappa
Men’s Singles Tanongsak S Sak Srikanth Kidambi

Team Selection will decide the winner tomorrow!

Ratio of Awadhe score with Bangalore score.

Ratio of Awadhe score with Bangalore score.

Strategy Map shows expected ratio of points scored by 9 strategies of Awadhe Warriors against 5 strategies of Bengaluru TopGuns.

Color = Awadhe Warriors Points / Bengaluru TopGuns Points. Green suggests better chances for Awadhe.

The checkerboard pattern highlights the effect of ‘Stacking Strategy’.

Chart Analysis

Point Ratios look slightly favorable for BLR. But different patches mean

  1. If Saina doesnt play, Awadhe goes in to red!
  2. Joachim Fischer Nielsen playing Singles and Buss Sumeet Reddy with Ponnappa in Mixed Doubles might be a surprisingly good strategy for Bengaluru TopGuns

Strategy 1 : AW9 / BT1  (AWD 3 – BLR 4) (Possible Strategy)


Men’s SinglesStacking will possibly have no impact on tomorrow’s match. Srikanth likely to win against either Sai Praneet or Tanonsak; Sameer Verma likely to lose to both.

Men’s Doubles : Should be a fantastic match. It will be good fun to watch Bengaluru boys jump crazy against whacky Chinese Cai Yun.

Women’s SinglesSaina may not play

Mixed Doubles :Easy match for Ponnappa and Fischer, but Maneesha could prove to be the surprise pack. Bengaluru should make this match TRUMP.

How we calculated  the probabilities? 

We created a list of all likely team combinations for both teams. Win probabilities for any two players were calculated from their historical data and current form. Expected team scores were estimated for each combination of team strategies. Best strategies are listed based on simple game theory rules.

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