Pre-match Predictions

Sameer Verma and Tanonsak Players of the Day! 

Today, Bengaluru fought odds well to ensure they coast to a easy victory , inspite of Ms Nehwal. Ponappa played hard to Kim Wah Lim to give them a lead; followed by a resurgent Sameer Verma salvaging some pride. Now, Bengaluru was sitting pretty on a nice 2-0 lead.


But that was when things started going downhill, quite badly! Srikanth struggled against an attacking effective Tanonsak.  Srikanth lost in 2 sets. A shocker!! He played the TRUMP for Bengaluru – which seemed to make sense; however backfired badly, leaving the score 1-1.

Saina was Saina, taking on future Chinese star Suo Di and playing TRUMP for Awadhe, as expected. Awadhe goes up 3-1.

The doubles team sealed the match for Awadhe giving them a huge win over Bengaluru. Cai Yun and Bodin Issara are looking very very good.

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