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TRUMP-A brief understanding..

6 teams and 59 players are going head on for what is billed as the ‘Highest prize money badminton tournament in the world’ – Premier Badminton League 2016.A new and very interesting concept called Trump was introduced in this tournament. Let us get familiarized with


Delhi Acers- On paper they look strong

On paper, they look a well balanced and strong team most likely to get to the semifinals.Men’s SinglesAjay JayaramIndian Singles specialist and brings with him a will to win. He will most likely win against the lower ranked players and has the potential to give

Saina vs China

Saina, the Dragon slayer!

A spectator who went to the first match of PBL Awadhe Warriors VS Mumbai Rockets was hearing the schedule of matches being announced, ”Instead of Saina Nehwal, it will be young G.Vrushali, the 17 year old talent who will be representing Awadhe for the Women’s


Mumbai Rockets – only star Akshay Kumar!

Mumbai is one of those teams which has only 1 star – their part owner Akshay Kumar.  The money spend on all players is rather well distributed without much skew. On the negative, there is not a single match they can take for granted.Men’s SinglesH


Awadhe Warriors : Price of Having Saina

Does having a star player in your team gives you more chances of winning or are you relying too much on them to get you the wins.Every team at the start of the PBL auction would have liked to get Saina Nehwal and Lee Chong

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Stacking the match ups and lying about your best

Stacking is based on the principle of saving your best resources for winnable games or making sure that you use your best player in a situation likely to produce an outcome of your choice. If there’s a game you are unlikely to win, for instance,

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Mixed doubles the decider

It is almost show time for the PBL fans as the countdown is going into its final hours.When we went through the teams, it was interesting to see clear match winners for the Men’s singles and Doubles and also Women’s Singles (You know who I


Women’s Singles – Two ladies and one sided affairs

  How were the probabilities calculated?If Player 1 vs Player 2 have played sufficient number international matches, then we use set winning probabilities to predict match probabilities.If Player 1 vs Player 2 do not have much prior data, then we have used the current points (BWF)

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Hyderabad Hunters to rule Men’s Singles

All the teams have selected strong players for the Men’s Singles especially Bengaluru Topguns and Hyderabad Hunters with K. Srikanth and Lee Chong Wei respectively. But we cannot rule out Tommy Sugiarto, HS Prannoy as well.So we have come up with an analysis of the

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Expensive not necessarily Effective!

All Teams spent  around~0.24-0.27 Million dollars in the auctions.– Delhi Acers spending the least at $0.24 M. The star pair for Delhi Acers is the Men’s Doubles Team Koo Keat Kien & Tan Boon Heong. They have a good chemistry between them as they already