Chennai Smashers go into the semis with a win against Awadhe Warriors 4-3.

The last day of the Bangalore leg saw Chennai Smashers who won their last match against Mumbai Rockets to take on the Awadhe Warriors, who will be desperate for a win in the competition to take the place on the table top.

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The first match was the men’s singles contest between Tanongsak of Chennai Smashers and Vincent of Warriors. Tanongsak got a lead of 6-3 at the break of the opening game which went on to 8-4. Tanongsak played an aggressive game. He displayed fantastic net play and won the set by 11-6. Vincent started the second set strongly with a lead of 6-5 in the second set but Tanongsak leveled up. Both the players has a neck-to-neck encounter but Vincent won the set. The third set was a complete humdinger. Both the players showed his class by playing some spectacular rallies. The match was nail-biting and won by Vincent 11-6, 9-11, 12-10.

The second game Adcock/Adcock made the first set their own with a comfortable win. Issara/Prajakta started the second set strongly and went into the break with a lead of 6-5. The warriors maintained the lead till 8-7 but then the Adcocks came back and won the game by 11-4, 11-9.

The third game was a complete cracker, an interesting game of Men’s Single between Aditya Joshi of Warriors & P Kashyap of Smashers. This was a trump match for Smashers. The first set started with an exciting note where the set saw some intense rallies going neck to neck but won by Kashyap. Joshi dominated the second set and won by 11-5. Kashyap took a lead of 1 point at the break of the third set, showed agility with his smashes and got a hard-fought win against Joshi 11-7, 5-11 & 11-7. Kashyap pulled out a thrilling trump win but thumbs up for Joshi’s brave performance.

The fourth game was women’s singles between Sindhu of Smashers and Rituparna Das of Warriors. Sindhu was all over the court with her cross-court smashes and tantalizing drops, completely dominated the sets. Rituparna made a lot of unforced errors which helped Sindhu to win the game easily by 11-4, 11-6.AW VS CS WS MR


The fifth game was men’s doubles between Warriors duo V Shem/Kido & Kolding/Sumeeth of Smashers. This was the trump match for Warriors. The Smashers went into the break with a narrow lead of 6-5 and further won the set by 12-10. This was a tight game. Warriors won the match in straight set against Smashers with some fiery smashes. The score read out as 12-10, 11-8.

Match Presentation

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