Recommended CHN Smashers BLR TopGuns
Men’s Singles Brice Leverdez Srikanth Kidambi
Men’s Doubles Pranaav Jerry Chopra,Toby Ng Hoon Thien How,Khim Wah Lim
Women’s Singles P.V. Sindhu Suo Di
Mixed Doubles Chris Adcock,Pia Zebaidah Joachim Fischer Nielse,Ashwini Ponnappa
Men’s Singles Simon Santoso Sameer Verma

Bengaluru looks good on paper, but they are known to mess up


CS1-18 are 18 possible team combinations for Chennai Smashers and BT1-6 are 6 possible teams of Bengaluru TopGuns. The color represents the ratio of points of Chennai to Bengaluru. Green represents better chances for Chennau

Stacking Strategy’ might be important in tomorrows match. If Srikanth and Santoso play each other it will be a cracker of a match.

Chart Analysis

  1. Strategy 1 : (MUM 2 –DEL 5) 


Men’s Singles : Kidambi likely to win match against Brice and Santoso against Verma. Otherway around, not so sure.

Men’s Doubles : PJC / CA will have the advantage; but if Chennai play PJC / TN, then the Malayasian pair will have the advantage.

Women’s Singles : PV should get better of Suo Di, but Suo Di has proven in the past to be a tough customer.

Mixed Doubles : Can Fischer give Bengaluru the advantage??

How we calculated  the probabilities? 

We created a list of all likely team combinations for both teams. Win probabilities for any two players were calculated from their historical data and current form. Expected team scores were estimated for each combination of team strategies. Best strategies are listed based on simple game theory rules.

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