Delhi Acers bounces back in Bangalore

The second day of the Bangalore leg saw Chennai Smashers who won their last match to take on the Delhi Acers, who will be desperate for a win in the competition.

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The first match was the men’s singles contest between T Sugiarto of Chennai Smashers and J. Jorgensen of Delhi Acers. An early lead by the Dane in the first set but Sugiarto leveled up and won the set. The second set is completely dominated by the Dane. Both the players showed his class by playing some spectacular rallies. The last set went completely neck-to-neck and won by Jorgensen 10-12, 11-4, 11-6.

The second game Chris/Sindhu made the first set their own with a comfortable win. Ivanov/Gutta started the second set strongly and won the game by 11-4. The third set saw an early lead from Chris/Sindhu but the match turned out to be a total roller-coaster and ended in favor of Acers and score read out as 7-11, 11-4, 11-9.

The third game was supposed to be an interesting game of men’s singles between Son Wan Ho of Acers & Kashyap of Smashers. The first set started with an exciting note where the set some intense rallies. Wan Ho took the opening game by 12-10. Wan Ho took ab early lead, showed agility with his smashes and wins convincingly against Kashyap 12-10 & 11-4.

The fourth game was men’s doubles between Russian duo Ivanov/Sozonov of Acers & Kolding/Adcock of Smashers. This was the trump match for Acers. The Russians went into the break with a lead of 6-3 and further won the set by 11-6. Acers won the second set in straight set against Kolding/Adcock with some fiery smashes. The score read out as 11-6, 11-6.

The fifth match was a trump match for Smashers, playing Sindhu against Tanvi Lad of Acers. This match was a must win for Smashers. In the first set, Tanvi gave a good fight to Sindhu but went in favor of Sindhu by 11-6. Tanvi made a lot of unforced errors in the second set which helped Sindhu to win the second set. Sindhu had to fight to win this game by 11-6, 11-7.

Match Presentation

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