Delhi Acers- On paper they look strong

On paper, they look a well balanced and strong team most likely to get to the semifinals.

Men’s Singles

Ajay Jayaram

Indian Singles specialist and brings with him a will to win. He will most likely win against the lower ranked players and has the potential to give the players like Srikanth a run for their money.

Rajiv Ouseph

Bench strength of Delhi as they will most probably be playing Ajay and Tommy. He can also be used in other formats especially Men’s Doubles.

Tommy Sugiarto

Top ranked Singles specialist, he will be the acer for delhi in singles matchups along with Ajay Jayaram.

His matches against Srikanth and Lee Chong Wei will be nail biters for sure.He will most likely beat all others.

Women’s Singles

P C Thulasi

Best bet for Delhi. She can defeat Suo Di and Ruthvika Gadde but as per the data most likely won’t be a threat for the others.

Daksha Gautham

The weakest player as per the graph and will most likely be the backup option of the Delhi Acers.Seh is more likely to play Mixed doubles than Singles.

Mixed Doubles

They have possible combinations of Akshay Dewalkar and Gabriella Adcock or they can use Daksha Gautam/Aparna Balan. They also have the option of using Koo Keat Kien or Tan Boon Heong instead of Akshay. Startegy makers of this team are going to be pretty confused in the mixed doubles department

Men’s Doubles

The star pair for Delhi Acers is the Men’s Doubles Team Koo Keat Kien & Tan Boon Heong. They have a good chemistry between them as they already play together for Malaysia and a doubles ranking of 18. Likely that they have a definite match winner here. We have already seen that players who play together have better chemistry and more chances of winning against a pair who does not play together, who will likely take time to synchronize.

This gives them an added advantage and shows that Delhi might be a team to watch out for!!!








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