Does age matter in PBL?

It has been said “With age comes wisdom”.

The statistics are showing that with age, not only wisdom but also wins are coming in PBL.

Player's Age

In this analysis, the players were categorized into different age groups. Then we analysed how many matches they have played and points scored by the players in those matches. We have also taken into account the trump points.

Although the exciting match ups were coming from the youngsters and players aged below 30, the 30+ category have the better win percentage.

Some matches have been rather exciting which involved Mathias Boe, Cai Yun who are above 30.

Joachim Fischer Nielsen (BT)is the oldie of the group aged 37, but his performances would never suggest that.

The youngest players of them all have been from India with 15 year olds Satvik Sai Raj (HH) and Shikha Gautham (DA).



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