Messy Fractals Predictions and Success rate!!

How we calculated the player scores and our predictions

The player score was calculated by using their BWF points, rankings and their head to head against other players playing in the tournament. We have also taken into account the form of the players and injury as a factor if the player was injured in the last six months or was recovering from one. In doubles and mixed doubles along with these players who had played together was a given more points

What were our predictions?

Our Predictions included the player selection by the teams, Choice of Trump and which team will win as an aggregate of the individual scores.

Success rate for Messy fractals

We have summed up all our predictions and how much success we got in our predictions.

Till the semifinals, we got most of our predictions right although we had some minor glitches in the first few matches as our simulations were getting better over the time and there has been some upsets which was not accounted for in the predictions.

Out of 80 matches in the league, we got the predictions right for 52 and got it wrong for 23 matches. There were 2 matches for which we had insufficient data for prediction.

We had a success rate of almost 67% in the league stages.

Semifinals and Finals

Of the 14 matches played in the semifinals and finals we got 12 predictions accurate and 2 were wrong giving us a very high success percentage of 86%.

Overall success rate for Premier Badminton League by Messy Fractals is 70%.

You Can bet on us to give the best prediction!!!

Messy Fractals

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