MUM Rockets vs HYD Hunters : RESULTS 4-1. BYE BYE LEE CHONG!

Pre-match Predictions

Lee Chong has taken his flight back home

So we heard. And that is very disappointing for all Indian badminton followers. We know Hyderabad is almost surely out of the knockout, nevertheless Lee Chong Wei should have played his last game against Mumbai Rockets. Would have surely improved the score line.

One Siril Verma was the silver lining

Since Lee Chong Wei was off, we got an opportunity to meet Siril Verma, just 16 years of age, with such guile it was a pleasure to watch



Hyderabad should have never chosen a trump – worst case chosen Kido / Mongensen. But they choose Parupally Kashyap who was pale shadow of the player he once was. Prannoy got better of him easily.

Supanida just got past youngster Lou Zi Die – nothing like what the numbers suggest.

With Mumbai resting Mathias Boe, it was easy for Kido and Mongensen.

Ivanov and Juhl were merciless against an uninspired Jwala Gutta and never-say-die Markis Kido.

Overall, it was Mumbai all the way. 4-1


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