Mumbai Rockets – only star Akshay Kumar!

Mumbai is one of those teams which has only 1 star – their part owner Akshay Kumar.  The money spend on all players is rather well distributed without much skew. On the negative, there is not a single match they can take for granted.

Men’s Singles

H S Prannoy

The only relative STAR of the Mumbai Rockets team in Men’s Singles. He is calculated at winning some matches and expected to lose against prominent players like Srikanth, Sugiarto, Kashyap.

Vladimir Ivanov

Predominantly a Doubles player; surprised the fans last year by beating P Kashyap and thereby getting a win for his team. He will be used as a giant killer in some situations and the team owners have another player to rely upon when the wind goes against them. But due to his weak singles performances, apart from some major victories, we do not give him much chances of winning against other players.

R M V Gurusai Dutt

Most probably the preferred second option after Prannoy. We will have to wait and see whether he can deliver; as per our data, in most of the cases he is less likely to do so.

Women’s Singles

Han Li

The third strongest Women’s Singles player on papers before the tournament.  She has got what it takes to take the fight to Saina and Sindhu. Strategic brilliance from Mumbai Rockets.

Ruthvika Gadde

Indian presence in the team .Aged 18, she will gain more from training with the team and will get the sort of exposure that a young talents like she need.

Liu Zi Die

Most probably the backup for Han Li and the preferred second choice.

Mixed Doubles

Kamilla Rytter Juhl brings with her a ton of experience, attacking quality and also versatility and she will be paired up with Vladimir Ivanov. Chayut Triyachart and Kamilla Juhl is another possible option for the team owners as they are also predicted to have a good chance of winning against other teams. Mathias Boe and Kamilla Juhl is also a very good option for Mumbai.

Men’s Doubles

Mathias Boe

He is one of the main reasons why Mumbai is such a good team, being a versatile player he can contribute for Men’s Doubles as well as Mixed Doubles.

Vladimir Ivanov

He was the surprise star of the previous edition and a very consistent doubles player.

Manu Attri

Indian doubles option. Reliable second option, but the statistics predict that his opponents are much stronger than him.

Chayut Triyachart

Bench strength, most likely to be used in mixed doubles than in Men’s doubles, his chances in mixed doubles with Kamilla Juhl is better than Manu Attri and Ivanov.


Mumbai Rockets will have tough matches against Delhi Acers and Hyderabad Hunters; close match against Awadhe Warriors and relatively easy ties against Bengaluru TopGuns and Chennai Smashers

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