Mumbai Rockets thrash Bengaluru Blasters 4-1 to seal top spot

The 2017 edition of the premier badminton league will get underway in the IT capital of India-Bangalore- on Sunday. The second day of the Bangalore leg saw the hosts, the Bengaluru Blasters took on Mumbai Rockets.

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The first match was the men’s singles contest between Sourabh Verma of Blasters and Prannoy of Mumbai Rockets. The first set saw a good start by Sourabh with a lead of 6-1 at the break. Sourabh dominated the game and won by 11-4. Rocket’s Prannoy was flying high against Sourabh and got an early lead and took the second set with sizzling shots. Prannoy continues his form and won the third set by 4-11, 11-6, 11-3.

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The second match was men doubles between Yong Dae/Nipithphon of Rockets and Sung Hyun/Yoo Yeon of Blasters. The Blasters had a comfortable lead at the break of the first set and finished the set by 11-7. The Rockets were leading at the break of the second set and won the set. The Korean pair of Blasters had an excellent defense, finished the proceedings with a thumping victory 11-7, 7-11, 11-9. The vociferous crowd support have played a crucial role in lifting the spirits of the Koreans.

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The third match was men’s singles between Rio bronze medallist V Axelsen of Blasters and Ajay Jayaram of Rockets. This was a trump match for Blasters. Ajay got a substantial lead of 6-2 at the break of the first set and clinched an opening game by 11-8. Brilliant smashes by Axelsen at the start of the second set. The early lead by Axelsen in the second set got evaporated soon. Ajay displayed fine performance and won against Axelsen by 11-8, 11-9. A trump upset for Blasters.

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The fourth match was women singles between world number 3, Sung Ji Hyun of Rockets against Cheung Ngan of Blasters. Sung Ji Hyun won the first game by 11-7. Both the shuttlers were sweating it out to win the match for their team but Sung Ji Hyun won the second set and ended at 11-7, 11-8. This was the trump victory for Rockets.

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The fifth match was mixed doubles between Nipithphon/Nadiezda Zieba of Rockets & Sung Hyun/Sikki Reddy of Blasters. The game was dominated by Sung Hyun/Sikki Reddy. The Blasters comfortably win the game in straight sets 11-6, 11-7.

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Match Presentation

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