DEL vs BLR : 3-4 Doubles rescues Blasters

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Match Lineup and Results

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The match between the top 2 Danish Men’s Singles players went to the senior Jorgensen. Although Axelsen has a better Head-2-Head this year and is in superb form coming from a Dubai SuperSeries victory, it was not to be his day. Jorgensen won his match in 2 straight sets. Men’s Singles 2 turned out more exciting than expected – thanks to faster shuttles used in PBL and the 11-point rule. Sourabh Verma’s deceptive style took a bit longer for Son Wan Ho, World No 4 to interpret. Son Wan Ho managed to win the match in a 3-setter, bringing relief to the Delhi Camp.

Blasters suprisingly choose the in form junior Sikki Reddy over Ponnappa in their Mixed Double – and she really capitalised on  this opportunity bring the Blasters their first win. Jwala Gutta was really not in her element and there was not much Ivanov could do to salvage the match. Men’s Doubles was close in the 1set, then went all the way in the favor of Koreans from Blasters. Blasters thus winning both their doubles and left with an easy opponent in Women’s Singles.

Delhi Acers could not play Jindapol, their top Women’s Singles player -thanks to atleast 2 matches with Indian players rule. Blasters predicted this and cleverly picked their trump on Cheung Ngan Yi, who won a relatively easy 3-setter against Tanvi Lad.

All in all – Bengaluru Blasters pulled off a good win, thanks to strategy!

Match Analysis for Son Wan Ho vs Sourabh Verma

Point tracker

Set1: 13-15, Set2: 11-9, Set3: 11-6

Shots Analysis

Set 1

Set 2

Set 3

Pre Match Report

Messy Farctals

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