PBL Season 2- Auction Analysis

How much did the players gain/lose in one year  since the first PBL auction in 2015  and what actually made the difference?

Let us try answering this using what the players were paid in the first season and what they are going to be paid in the second.

How many players are back in PBL 2 and in which teams?

29  players are back to play the second season after their superb performances last season in January 2016.


Which team retained most number of players from last season?

All the teams had the option of retaining three players by ‘Right to Auction’ although only three teams retained two players each.

Mumbai Rockets retained Indian stars Manu Attri and H S Prannoy while Chennai Smashers retained India’s favorite daughter P V Sindhu and Chris Adcock.

Saina Nehwal went unsold in the first round and was retained by Awadhe Warriors in the second round along with Bodin Issara.

Hyderabad Hunters Retained Satwik Sai Raj and Bangalore retained Ashwini Ponnappa.

Season 1 Champions Delhi Acers retained Akshay Dewalkar and will be trying to retain the title with a new team

Who all went up in value?

9 players went up in value from the last season, teams were better at the auction this time as they chose a well balanced side than putting all the money on one or two players.

Lot of first time players in PBL got higher bids and most of the Indian players went down in value except Sai Praneeth courtesy of his good performances in International arena.

Most of the players who went up in value were players who played in the junior division or second class senior internationals.

Who all went down in value?  Why?

Most of the players went down in value (20 out of 29) as teams now have a measure on their performance unlike last auction where everything was approximated with their international and national performance which is not the case in the second season as they know what to expect from most of these players.


Some major disappointments were teams turning down great players like Mathias Boe , Carsten Mogenson,Hendra Setiawan who would have given a lot to PBL Season 2 with their performances.


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