Saina, the Dragon slayer!

A spectator who went to the first match of PBL Awadhe Warriors VS Mumbai Rockets was hearing the schedule of matches being announced, ”Instead of Saina Nehwal, it will be young G.Vrushali, the 17 year old talent who will be representing Awadhe for the Women’s Singles match”.

Nearby his seat, he heard someone saying ”Shucks!!Saina nahin Khelegi!! Kya dekhne Aaye hai Phir??” (Translation: Saina is not playing! Then why are we watching this?)

This is just a fictional instance but through this conversation the only thing I want to express is the love for Saina from the Indian Badminton fans. Nobody was surprised when she was bought for 100,000 USD by Awadhe and the icon player for the team.

But what was surprising was when she did not play the first match and was out due to an injury.

What a loss of $20,000 for Awadhe Warriors!!!

From a totally different perspective, is Saina not playing PBL due to injury or Is she being conservative and saving her strategies and strength for the Olympics? Or is she not playing not to aggravate her injury?

So many questions and yet very few answers.

When we deep dived this situation another interesting factor came into play.

Saina Vs China.

Saina vs China

As we all know, the 2016 Olympics will surely have 4-6 Chinese players battling it out for the Gold in the Women’s Singles for Badminton.

The only block between complete Chinese domination in Women’s badminton is our very own

Saina Nehwal.

What plans do the Chinese have in mind against Saina?

We are actually seeing the Part 1 of China’s Olympic plans when they have sent their young and vibrant, but second rung players like Han Li and Suo Di to gauge and get a sense of Saina in PBL 2016.

Saina being in this field for a long time realizes the importance of keeping it together and is faking a serious injury to sort of neutralize the Chinese strategy. I am not saying that she does not have an injury, but it might not be that serious as it sounds and it might all be part Saina’s counter strategy against the well devised Chinese strategy.

But as once Saina said in her interview “…not afraid of the Chinese players. If it is my day on the court, no strategy you throw at me works.”

This won’t be the case if she is injured. So praying for a quick recovery and definitely hoping to see Saina play in PBL.

NB: Your strategies and plans will not work CHINA!!!!

NOTE: This is not written to hurt anyone mentally or emotionally; we are just offering the fans a different perspective..

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