SEMIFINALS : CHN vs DEL : RESULT 3-4. With Santoso out, it was Delhi’s game

Pre-match Predictions

Mystery why Santoso did not play!


Santoso upsetting Jayaram/Ouseph/Sugiarto would have been Chennai’s ticket to the final. But that wasn’t to be.  That literally threw away the two Men’s Singles. Sony did give AJ a fight in the 1st set, but once AJ got his act together the numbers made sense.

KKK/TBH are back in their element. Got through in 2 tight sets. Chris Adcock and Pia have been perfect this PBL, Gabby almost looked jealous. XD for Chennai and MD for Delhi.

Sindhu again playing her role to perfection. Easy win against Thulasi.  She was also a safe trump for Chennai.

All Sugiarto had to do was win his match. Which he did.

Delhi through to the FINALS!


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