The best Men’s Doubles and Mixed doubles

Men’s Doubles

This tournament changed a major opinion about doubles matches; those teams who have played together have a better chance, the converse was true for PBL.

Doubles players who had never played before fared far better than those who had played together, whereas the players who had played together had a phenomenal defense and fairly good smashes but the wins eluded them. Let us take the two Malaysian duos as our example

The junior duo of Khim Wah Lim/Hoon Thien How of BT has taken a beating in all the matches making them the worst doubles team of the tournament.

The senior duo of Koo Keat Kien/Tan Boon Heong also were beaten in two games but has maintained a minimum level of decency as they have a 50% success rate in the 4 matches they have played.

The best men’s double pair on PBL has been  Vladimir Ivanov/Mathias Boe. They have played and won three matches and two of them were trump.

Best Pair Men's Doubles

None of the players in mixed doubles had played before as a seasoned pair in the international scene.

But their experience and performances ensured that almost all the pairs were balanced and pretty good except for 1 or 2.

The  surprising thing is that Awadhe has the best and worst mixed doubles team in PBL.

Another surprising thing is that even though Markis Kido/Jwala Gutta pair worked fairly good for Hyderabad Hunters, they were experimenting with Jwala Gutta/Mogenson, which was a failure.

Best Pairs Mixed Doubles



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