TRUMP-A brief understanding..

6 teams and 59 players are going head on for what is billed as the ‘Highest prize money badminton tournament in the world’ – Premier Badminton League 2016.

A new and very interesting concept called Trump was introduced in this tournament.
Let us get familiarized with this concept.
Every team can put one match per tie as TRUMP which will give them 2 points if they win and -1 if they lose.
Teams can put the trump on the players who are most likely to win, with ONE condition. One player can be used only twice as TRUMP in the league stages i.e. in the first five matches
This will force the teams to put some unlikely trumps in easy matches.
So this intrigued us and inspired our team to come up with an analysis;
Probably the teams can go with the following conditions
1)The teams are using their trump well. Select their best players as the trump and get maximum points from the matches
2)They can randomly suggest trump (everything in this case how your player plays and on luck.)

3)Are they wasting it, improbable suggestions(Using the most unlikely player to put as trump and hope for the best)?
Analytics can definitely suggest the best strategy for the trump scenario for almost all the matches as there are only five matches to be played and one team needs only three good players who have the best probability of winning their matches. They also have to look at the players of the opposition against whom they are putting their trump.
Reasonably good strategies for Trump can be made based on these two factors. Probability of winning and the caliber of the opposition players/Probability of losing.
But here comes the tricky part; we also have to deduce the player who is going to play against the team as the schedule will only be announced after both teams have given their teams and their trump strategy as well.
Two probabilities and some basic common sense and TRUMP can be the deciding factor in almost all tie-ups.
Almost all the teams in PBL have some exceptionally good players who can be relied upon to be match winners and can definitely be used as trumps.


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